New Sonny 3 game.

Play Sonny 3 here, the new release of that great serie of RPG games.

Sonny 3

Sonny 3 is one of the most complex flash game which can be found online. In this game, you will have to develop a character from level 1 and see if you can defeat all of your opponents. Fortunately, the game can be saved and you even have a few slots if you decide to play with different characters at once.

Sonny 3 is similar to most massive multiplayer online role playing games, at least when it comes to gameplay. The graphics are great for a flash game and you will find dozens of weapons and items which can be added to your inventory. You will receive experience and money after each battle and you have to decide if you want to improve your abilities or buy new weapons. These abilities can be improved over time and you can even add new attacks to your combat action bar. The game will only get harder as you advance and your opponents will usually be stronger than you. This is why in Sonny 3 you should focus on a strategy and only use the attacks which have a high success rate. If you are successful, your opponents might even drop some of their items and you can start using them from the next round.

Sonny 3 is a game which takes some getting used to especially when it comes to upgrading your abilities and deciding which weapon is the best. However, you only have to play the game for a few minutes and you will understand exactly what you need to do.